The Season   Reflection by Pastor Jimmy Hao
Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear brothers and sister in Christ,

    The peace of the Lord be with you.

    You may not have noticed it, but it seems like Seattle’s spring has been skipped again this year. The longest day of summer has also slipped away, while we wondered when summer will arrive, during these cold and wet days. The days have once again become shorter.

    I’ve heard many people say that one of the most beautiful places to be in summer is Seattle; is summer here?

    Yes, it is here. The days from now will only get brighter and warmer. We will enjoy the sun, the flowers, the trails in the forest, and days of vacation with family and friends; yet summer is never long enough, especially here in Seattle.

    We often see our lives on earth in the same way, short but beautiful. It is beautiful not only because we have summer, the growing season, but also because we have fall a time of harvest, winter a time of rest and reflections, and spring a time of cleaning and rebirth. The seasons reflect our Christian life in Christ. In the book of Ecclesiastes it reads “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” We, as the children of God, are called to see our lives as a whole picture, so that we may live purposely, and not simply for a moment, a fragment of the whole. We have been asked to embrace the whole, we have been called to be together, to hold it dearly as a gift from God.

    So what will happen during this season of growing for Grace?
This summer we focus on Growing, we will connect our daily lives to the word grow. Many brothers and sisters are willing to open their homes, so that we may gather as a family, and together seek to grow in faith, hope, love, and in spiritual maturity; all as St. Paul wrote in 1st Corinthians about the relationship with each other and with God.

    How can our lives in Christ be fruitful? How can our families be fruitful? How can our church, the body of Christ, be fruitful? These are the questions we must ask ourselves to prepare for fall, the season of harvest. May this summer truly be a season of growth. May God’s work be done through our hands, and may it be fruitful. May we become closer in God’s love and in the body of Christ.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Jimmy

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A Note from the Pastor
Pastor Jimmy Hao

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,
Peace and Joy is in the Lord.

    Welcome! As you see the trees and leaves on the mountains, at the side of streets and in our backyard have turned themselves into thousands colors, ripened red, bright in yellow, richen in orange, in a silent way they shout out for joy, for the celebration,  for the harvest and for the new life.

    The mysterious color of the leaves are bursting out for joy and giving their thanks to their creator before they fall back to the ground. What a wonderful way to say thank you. Life is the fruit of love, it has its special way to say thank you. It may fall like leaves, but our new lives in Christ are forever.

    What is your way to say thanks in this special season?

God Bless You,
Pastor Jimmy